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Welcome to Veles Enterprises, a family-owned trucking company based out of Homer Glen, IL, home to some of the finest drivers, safe and reliable equipment, and the most dedicated office staff in the industry.



You are our greatest asset. Regardless of what type of truck driver you are, we offer a wide variety of driving options so you find one that fits your lifestyle. Choose between Dry van or flatbed modes, mileage or percentages based pay, and start the rest of your driving career now!



At Veles Enterprises, we aim to develop a true partnership with our customers while providing exceptional service and comprehensive solutions. We understand that all customers are different, which is why our team of professionals offers different modes of transport, and strives to develop a dedicated, customized solution from start to finish.


Dry Van

With our Dry Van division, you can enjoy a reliable full truckload service, LTL, short or long haul that will get your freight to the desired destination. Our team has the experience moving Dry Van Freight in all 48 states.


This is where we excel. Our team of logistics specialists has established a strong network of reliable and trustworthy brokers and direct customers that provide freight to us, year round, but we are always looking to create new relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

– Owner operators are paid 88% of negotiated gross rates.

– Starting pay for company drivers is 60 to 65 cents per mile, or 18% to 22% based on experience and driving record. Company drivers do get their pay bumped up after only 3 months and then again after 6 months, as a part of our longevity longevity program.

Minimum of 23 years of age

12 months of OTR experience within the last 3 years.

– Favorable references from past employers

– No more than 2 preventable accidents within the past 36 months

– No Type I violations within the past 36 months (Failure to report an accident, failure to stop, wrong way on a highway, speeding (16-20mph over limit) , use of an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle).

– Our freight network is primarily east of the Rockies, but it is not exclusive by any means. We diligently follow market trends, and always send our trucks into the best paying areas.

– We typically do not service the Northeast (unless a driver has a preference), and we do not send our drivers to NYC (unless a driver has a preference).

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Driver testimonials

I’ve been them since day 1 and plan on staying for the long haul. Great dispatchers, great management. They get me where I need to be, when I need to be, all the while making top dollar!

Sal Tuimalatu

This company has treated me with respect and dignity from the beginning. The lanes are consistent, and there is always plenty of work. Even in a tough market I am making very good money. Highly recommended.

Dragan Lazic

Great guys to work for. They care about the drivers, they keep well maintained equipment, and they keep me busy. What more can you ask for?

Allen Taylor