– Owner operators are paid 88% of negotiated gross rates.

– Starting pay for company drivers is 60 to 65 cents per mile, or 18% to 22% based on experience and driving record. Company drivers do get their pay bumped up after only 3 months and then again after 6 months, as a part of our longevity longevity program.

Minimum of 23 years of age

12 months of OTR experience within the last 3 years.

– Favorable references from past employers

– No more than 2 preventable accidents within the past 36 months

– No Type I violations within the past 36 months (Failure to report an accident, failure to stop, wrong way on a highway, speeding (16-20mph over limit) , use of an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle).

– Our freight network is primarily east of the Rockies, but it is not exclusive by any means. We diligently follow market trends, and always send our trucks into the best paying areas.

– We typically do not service the Northeast (unless a driver has a preference), and we do not send our drivers to NYC (unless a driver has a preference).

– Home time varies based upon where you live in our freight network. Some drivers are home weekly while others are home every 2-3 weeks.

– If leasing the truck from us, the payment depends on the year, mileage, make and model of the truck, and lease term, but typically ranges from $750 to $1,200 per week.

– If renting or leasing a trailer from us, the payment depends on the year, whether it’s a dry van or a flatbed, and lease term, but typically ranges from $250 to $350 per week.

– Liability and cargo insurance is $250 per week.

– Occupational insurance is $170 monthly and is mandated by law.
– Direct deposit fee is $25 per month

– Transflo fee is $25 per month

– Escrow is deducted in 10 weekly payments of $250 per week for a grand total of $2,500.

– Every load that gets delivered on Monday and proper paperwork is submitted, will be paid on Friday of that same week! Statements are issued every Thursday and money deposited on Friday morning. This gives our drivers an opportunity to check their statements and request any changes if needed, before the money is deposited. The money will typically be in your account within one business day, depending on how you bank with.